Growing up in small town Iowa

Jason was born to Daniel and Marlene Moats in the small town of Monticello Iowa, where as a child, his parents taught him the value of hard work and dedication. At the young age of 10, Jason began working on the family farm. Whether it was cutting wood to heat their small 3 bedroom home, or tending to cattle and crop, Jason became well acquainted with long hours and what hard work really is. The youngest of three siblings, Jason realized at an early age that family is the foundation of life. His parents, Dan and Marlene, were factory workers in their small community. Jason's two sisters, Gina and Tara, also played a crucial role in the early years of his life. They taught him to be caring, compassionate, and the value of teamwork. It was the life lessons he learned as a child, that made him who his is today.

Building the foundation

After graduating from Monticello high school, Jason found a love for the construction trade. While working for a local construction company, Jason began building homes in the Cedar Rapids area. After several years in the residential construction business, Jason was ready to learn new things, and face new challenges. He left the trade that he loved to begin his new journey, improving Iowa's infrastructure. Jason saw the importance of continually improving this great state, and began working even harder than before, laying miles upon miles of new roads across Iowa. During this time, Jason felt a sense of pride like he had never felt before. He knew that his work impacted the lives of all Iowans traveling the roads he helped build. This is where Jason realized he could do more to help his fellow Iowan's than through construction alone. In 2007 Jason answered a call which allowed him to touch  the lives of hundreds of thousands across this state, the call to public service. Jason began his career as a Correctional Officer at the Iowa Medical and Classification center, where he found himself surrounded by not only criminals, but also the mentally challenged. As a Correctional Officer, Jason was not only able to keep the public safe from those deemed dangerous to society, but he was also given the ability to help incarcerated individuals learn to make better decisions as he guided them to become productive members of society upon their release. Then in turn, in June of this year, he accepted a role within the Department of Corrections as a Correctional Trades Leader. He now teaches offenders trades work so that when they are released into society they have skills to help them attain employment to better their lives as citizens of our communities. 

Taking it to the next level

Jason's calling to public service brought more than just a life's ambition to protect the citizens of this state. During the early years of his career at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center, Jason met another Correctional Officer who shared his same passion for helping people. In September of 2008, Jason married his colleague and friend, Amber. In 2010 Amber and Jason moved to Mt. Union, where together they raise their three beautiful children; Robert, Annabelle, and Jada. It is here where Jason hopes to instill the same family values in his children, that his parents taught him. 

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