Family time is an integral part of life. It brings us back to center, and allows us to grow through life. As a parent, I know how important it is to spend quality time with our children. It is imperative that parents have positive interaction with their kids, so they can develop into respectful, productive adults in the future. As the Branstad/Reynolds administration continues to hand over your tax dollars to major corporations, they are making it more difficult for working class families to make ends meet. Parents are working multiple jobs and losing that quality time with their children while corporations reap the benefits. That is why as your Representative, I will fight for working class families, and not special interest groups.


Quality education isn't a privilege, it's a right! Our Children are our future, and their education is of utmost importance. I take pride in Iowa's education system, and I am disgusted by the lack of respect the Branstad/Reynolds administration have shown for our teachers. Educators across the state have begun new careers, and have even left this state because over the past seven years their ability to teach our kids has been drastically diminished due to budget cuts handed down by the Governor. Instead of investing in our children's education, the Branstad/Reynolds administration has sold our future to special interest groups. While some republicans may have voted "No" on the collective bargaining bill that is driving our educators away, they also voted "No" on every amendment proposed, which included measures to ensure our teachers were treated as they should be. As your elected Representative, I vow to hold the Governor accountable for the tax incentives they have so generously handed over to major corporations. 


While the Governor hands over tax breaks and incentives, our community is having to absorb the brunt of the bad decisions being made. We heard promises of lower taxes and more jobs, yet instead we've seen our property taxes on the rise. This is a result of our counties receiving less of the financial pie, so to speak. With the Governor giving your tax dollars to major corporations, there is less to give back to the communities where those dollars came from. Counties are having to make up the difference somehow, which is why they are left with no choice but to increase property taxes. Our community has actually seen a loss of jobs with the closing of the Mental Health Institution, which has caused not only a loss of revenue, but has left the mentally ill with nowhere to turn but either your neighborhood, or prison.  As your Representative, I will fight for our communities regardless of who our Governor is. 

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